Plant, grow, save, share, repeat.

Using the Seed Library

Borrow: Visit the Library to select the seeds you would like to plant.
Grow: Follow the planting instructions on your seed packet, get your hands dirty, and have fun.
Save: At harvest time, please take some extra steps to save seeds for others.
Bringing seeds back to the Seed Library will help keep it self-sustaining and ensure more members of the community can experience the pleasure of gardening.

Contributing to the Seed Library

When plants are mature, you can harvest, dry, and store the seeds for the next season.
Please label seeds with the following information:

Variety name (common & Latin names, if available)
Year harvested
Your name
Your phone and/or email

Any other relevant info (ex. If the seed was not originally obtained from our seed library, include a detailed description of the plant – where you got the seeds, planting conditions, growth habits, fruit/flowers, etc.


New to seed-saving or gardening? Got a green thumb, but want to dig deeper? Check out these great resources:

Browse our collection of gardening books, or visit the Library and look in the non-fiction sections for 635 call numbers.

Online Resources
Seed Savers Exchange – Extensive and user-friendly information to expand your gardening and seed saving know-how with helpful garden tips, how to-guides, and more.

We are grateful for seed donations from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, Missouri Wildflowers Nursery,
Prairie Moon Nursery, Renee’s Garden, and Seed Savers Exchange/Herman’s Garden Seed Donation Program,
which have formed the foundation of our Seed Library collection.